Balkanski kvadrat kredom

Balkan Square Drawn In Chalk

The piece, in a satirical and provocative manner, raises important questions common to the youth in the Balkans: What is their future in their homeland? Can love pay the bills and bring meaning to a world of twisted values? And ultimately – to stay or to leave?

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Hoćemo l' VIŠE?

Are We Doing This or What?

The play "Are We Doing This or What?" was created as part of the project of the same name conducted by Altteatar in nine local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, collaborating with youth organizations, activists, and female activists.

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Djevojčica sa šibicama

The Little Match Girl

This rendition of Andersen's well-known fairy tale emphasizes the theme of domestic violence, economic violence against children, the deprivation of a peaceful childhood, and the normal development and growing up.

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The Dust

The dramatic text "The Dust" by Hungarian author György Spiró depicts life on the edge of material and moral existence of an "ordinary" family.

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Priče starog tramvaja

The Tales of The Old Tram

"The Tales of the Old Tram" is a play for children and youth born out of the desire to highlight the significance of various cultures that have left their mark on the development of the city of Sarajevo, as well as the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina

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How to tell an environmental story for children? We've been thinking about it for a long time. Really long. We wanted it to be interesting and fun. And just like Professor Balthazar, we suddenly had an idea: We'll invite Kleberli and Klem, two magical clowns, experts in clownology.

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Dame biraju

Ladies' Choice

The play addresses the problems of young people, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in the region, and underscores the question of whether the solution to the problem is going elsewhere or facing reality and taking responsibility for one's life.

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Mali princ

The Little Prince

The work on this play was preceded by creative workshops in which young artists participated, each exploring the meanings and symbolism of this work by Exupéry in their own way, translating them into stage signs and the language of metaphors.

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