Are We Doing This or What?

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About the play

The play "Are We Doing This or What?" was created as part of the project of the same name conducted by Altteatar in nine local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, collaborating with youth organizations, activists, and female activists.


Alisa Čajić, Helena Vuković, Simonida Mandić, Hana Zrno, Adnan Goro, Kemal Rizvanović, Mak Čengić, Deni Mešić, Harun Ćehović


Džejna Hodžić


Admir Glamočak

Stage movement

Emir Fejzić


Merima Ključo

Musical accompanist

Irhad Hodžić

The play depicts the challenges faced by young people in today's "corrupted" system and breaks down stereotypes present in their daily lives. The story unfolds in a cultural center in a small town, where a group of young people aims to revive the dormant stage. What somewhat hinders them is the fact that a pre-election campaign for the upcoming elections is taking place in the same cultural center. This circumstance imposes numerous tasks on them regarding the preparation of the venue, disrupting their original task of staging a dramatic performance. Determined to put an end to the exploitation of youth by the authorities, they steer their play in the direction of revolution. The young author drew inspiration from drama workshops conducted by Alttheater in nine cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Workshop participants expressed their views, demands, and desires for change in their local communities through acting, working together to address the problems faced by today's youth.


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