The Little Prince

Premiere date


About the play

The work on this play was preceded by creative workshops in which young artists participated, each exploring the meanings and symbolism of this work by Exupéry in their own way, translating them into stage signs and the language of metaphors.


Sonja Goronja, Slaven Vidak i Jasminka Požek-Božuta


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Dubravka Zrnčić-Kulenović


Dubravka Zrnčić-Kulenović

Set design

Anja Perišić, Naida Begović, Adisa Vatreš i Irma Vatrić


Jasenko Pašić


Anja Perišić, Naida Begović, Adisa Vatreš i Irma Vatrić

Video animation

Anja Perišić, Naida Begović, Adisa Vatreš i Irma Vatrić

The inherent approach in the work of the Puppetry Studio, along with the collaboration with Altteatar and the Cultural-Sports Center from Bugojno, has contributed to promoting a new, yet essential, method of approach and work in the process of theatrical and puppetry exploration and the affirmation of young creators' creativity.

The play "The Little Prince" is intended not only for students in higher grades of elementary schools but also for anyone who still believes in friendship, love, and humanity. Additionally, through this play, a warning is directed to anyone who lacks a developed sense of preserving nature and accepts civilization's waste as their spiritual desert.

The premiere was performed at the opening of the 18th Meeting of Puppet Theaters of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bugojno, on September 21, 2010.

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