Balkan Square Drawn In Chalk

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About the play

The piece, in a satirical and provocative manner, raises important questions common to the youth in the Balkans: What is their future in their homeland? Can love pay the bills and bring meaning to a world of twisted values? And ultimately – to stay or to leave?


Marko Mirković, Hana Zrno, Deni Mešić, Sara Blažić, Armin Filipović, Tamara Miličević Stilić, Margarita Mladinić, Duje Martinić, Merjem Šiljak i Haris Bidžan.


Benjamin Konjicija


Slaven Vidak


Benjamin Konjicija

Costume design

Naida Čelik i Muhamed Adem Merdžanić

Stage movement

Emir Fejzić


Merima Ključo

"Balkanski kvadrat kredom " (Balkan Square Drawn In Chalk) follows a young couple in their struggle against the windmills of the system on their uncertain journey through the mazes of bureaucracy, institutions, and imposed limitations. They face numerous challenges with humor and song. While trying to build the foundations of a normal life, secure their existence, start a family, or find a home, they encounter a series of grotesque characters and absurd situations, confronting corruption, injustice, prejudice, the arrogance of authorities, and other issues that afflict and paralyze the entire society. In the quest for possible solutions, the protagonists must choose between escaping, consenting to a life in their own small world where they repay loans and live on installments, and attempting to break down the walls that hinder any change and progress. The weapon they use in this fight is humor, perfectly incorporated into brilliant songs and choreography that make the performance entertaining and palatable despite its serious theme.


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